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Here you will find a showcase of the work of Philip Lagas-Rivera, a gem cutter and custom jeweler based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In the Gemstone Gallery, you will find a portfolio of my custom gem cutting.

In the Custom Jewelery section, you will find photos of some of my custom fine jewelry work.

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For more information about your humble craftsman, check out my Instagram, or see the About the Gem Cutter section of the site.

Thank you for visiting, if you have any further inquiries or comments, please feel free to drop me a message through my etsy shop.


4.12ct Sapphire

2.22ct Tanzanite

11.77ct Sapphire

11.88ct Cubic Zirconia

1.40ct Moissanite

5.63ct Rose Quartz

5.55ct Sapphire

15.36ct Topaz

3.91ct Sapphire

0.72ct Garnet

0.99ct Moissanite

24.50ct Welo Opal

0.37ct Montana Sapphire

3.19ct Sapphire

96.40ct Tiger's Eye

28.69ct Spectrolite

16.60ct Ruby

2.30ct Moissanite

20.41ct Citrine

2.11ct Sapphire

13.12ct Spinel

5.81ct Citrine

8.77ct Moissanite

4.76ct Sapphire

13.63ct Ametrine

4.34ct Sapphire